Palm Coast, FL
YOGA  for every "Body" type and all ages. 

 Yoga  for every "BODY"

"Your transformation is in your own hands."

Micki Higgins of Padma Yoga announces the return of Keith Molyneaux
 accompanied by Irene Wertley and LuAnn Day.
Musical artisans who play from the heart.   Join us for this amazing event and experience the healing sounds deep within your soul. 

Returning to Padma , Sunday, March 3rd. 
Early sign up before event Only $25

Keith Molyneaux is a life long musician and multi-instrumentalist with a passion for creating transformative musical experiences. Structured on science and mysticism, his music is relaxing and soul soothing.

Irene Wertley is a classically trained award winning vocalist with over 30 years of perfomance experience. As a certified wellness coach and energy healer she combines her love and knowledge of music with vibrational therapy. Her unique vocal style is both soothing and transcending.

LuAnn Day expresses a unique, spiritual sound with her crystal bowls. With 6 years of experience, her soulful expression soothes people. Many people experience deep relaxation, release of physical and emotional pain while listening to quartz bowls.
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