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 Yoga  for every "BODY"

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A Benefit at Padma Yoga!

Sunday, November 18th
1:30 -3:30

Dale and Lorraine Turner

Dale and Lorraine before they began this journey.

Dale without oxygen tubes that allowed him to breathe for a very long time.
Dale, continuing his journey recovering from the double lung transplant.

No longer requiring the oxygen tubes. 
The feeding tube was taken from the nose and put into the stomach after this photo.
Look at that smile!!

Dale recently had a double lung transplant and doing very well but facing a long recovery while Lorraine is keeping everything going. 

A Community Class accepting donations to benefit these two very special Yogins who are experiencing a big challenge in their lives.

The class will be a potpourri of yoga practice beginning with centering for peace within, then Yin asanas evolving into Yin/Yang to further warm the body preparing for an all levels Kripalu / Hatha.  Returning to the mat you will then enjoy Yoga Nidra to complete your practice.

(safe for all levels)

Our yoga family at Padma is extending love and positive energy for Dale's healing.  They also need help in other ways

All are welcome and the only cost is a donation you can afford!   

All donations go to Dale and Lorraine with love.

Thanking Dana Lodwick (a Padma Yoga teacher and dear friend of Dale and Lorraine) for keeping us updated)

Inviting all to join us for this very special two hour event!!

Just show up no need to pre-register

Heartfelt gratitude and love to the soul and family of the person who gave the gift of life to Dale!