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This is what our yoga practitioners have to say about us.

Padma Yoga Testimonials

When I began my journey into Yoga, I had no idea what to expect. Knowing that I was looking for relief for extreme joint pain, it was suggested that I try something that was both calming, reflective, easy on your joints but also bone and muscle building. I have discovered all of these things at the PADMA Yoga studio along the way with not only the friends that I have made, but also the wonderful Instructors that guide each of the Practices. Whether it be a gentle or a a challenging practice, they come prepared to help each mindfully and physically. Leaving after 1 1/2 hours feeling energized and so much better than when I began. No one ever does any posture incorrect but at times we need a gentle assist so that we don't injure ourselves - We are constantly learning about the practice of Yoga. What a gift we have in Palm Coast! Thank you Micki and all of the wonderful Instructors - I look forward to many more years with you all


Anne Byrne

Micki Higgins' Testimonials

This note is meant for the instructors of the classes I have attended - Micki, Beverly and Linda. Thank you so much for having made such a positive impact in my life. Your leadership has influenced me in both a physical and emotional way. It is just what I've been looking for and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Keep up your outstanding work. Guy M. Palm Coast.

Mickis' classes are wonderful. She teaches us to pay attention to what our body needs. Her voice is soothing and gentle, especially when she does her readings at the end of class, I look forward to her yoga classes and plan to make yoga a part of my life. Thank you Padma yoga! Maureen-Palm Coast

I have been a student of yoga for over 20 years, and have encountered

many teachers. Padma is by far the best technical teacher I have met.

Not only are her classes varied and interesting, she gives very special

attention to the detail of each position with hints and tricks to help her

students go deeper into the position.. Even after about five years, I still

learn something from her almost every class. She is very "hands on" and continuously checks each student to make sure they are getting the most

from the position. Even in a mixed level class, she still watches me and

gives me guidance to a better fulfillment of my practice. I would strongly recommend classes with Padma as she is truly dedicated to teaching yoga.

 Marialice Wells Flagler Beach, Florida

I love her class. She emphasizes the spiritual and gentle side of yoga. I feel that I am getting to know what my body wants and needs. She inspires me.

Eileen S. Palm Coast

My first yoga session was about 5 yrs. ago in Ft. Myers, FL. I felt it wasn't

for me. I was doing the Curves circuit and signed up for a Pilates class

which I liked. That class was discontinued and two women fr. NJ bought

the studio and dedicated their time to just yoga classes. I decided to try it

again and gave up going to Curves. I haven't looked back since and feel it

has embellished my life by giving me body toning, balance, peace and

serenity and clarity of mind in my every day world. I took yoga for over

3 yrs. in Ft. Myers and then moved to Palm Coast, FL. One of my biggest

fears was not being able to find a yoga instructor I could bond with. When

Micki Higgins started teaching in Grand Haven I felt very comfortable

with her and have enjoyed her classes ever since. She is patient and teaches

us to do what our bodies feel the need to do. I look forward to every class and also her personal touch and readings at the end.      

                                                                          Linda N. Palm Coast, FL

An email reply printed with permission:

Subject: Re: from Danna Faulds book "From Root to Bloom, Yoga Poems and Other Writings.

Thank you SO much, Mickie. I so enjoyed reading it and intend on sharing it with certain of my friends and children. I'm sure if one listens, there is a message here for everyone of us.

I just want to let you know, too, that your classes become more enjoyable with each practice. Judy and I often comment after class how far you have come in your teaching from those first classes. Your self-assurance and commitment to the practice of Yoga is evident. I feel very blessed to be one of your students. Valerie K., Palm Coast, FL            

Micki is such a caring, giving and helpful teacher. Thanks to her and her

classes my body is moving much better this days and I am more relaxed

and at peace. Micki is so good at teaching step by step that I can follow her

voice and do the practice with my eyes closed. Her verbal cues allow me

greater focus. Her yoga classes allow you to practice no matter where you

are with yoga- a newbie or a seasoned yoga student. I am so grateful for

Micki and for her gentle spirit. Debbie S. -Palm Coast, Fl

After class this morning for the first time in a very long time, I walked up the stairs without holding on to the banister for dear

life. Another example of the teacher showing up when the student is ready. Thank you for that.... and I will take you up on your invitation to attend the program on back pain on Saturday. Evelyn P. Palm Coast

Micki's classes are wonderful. I have been taking yoga for several years, but did not really fully understand the poses, use of core, and breathing. Micki's teaching has enabled me to fully connect with Yoga. Every class is geared to all students and she has a great way of connecting with all. The studio is a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere for the entire yoga experience. Thank You!! Dee F., Palm Coast, FL


Thanks to Micki and my prenatal yoga class, my pregnancy experience was amazing. Not only was I able to accentuate my self awareness during the most remarkable experience in a lifetime, but also I was able to find odd new flexibilities while my body adjusted to its situation. And to add icing to the cake, the childbirth was exceptional. I dilated to 6 cm at home without medication using breathing and stretching techniques learned from Micki, and my beautiful son was born after 20 mins. of active labor. I fully attribute this to my prenatal yoga experience.

                                                                   Diana H., Palm Coast, FL

I was so relieved to find a prenatal yoga class in Palm Coast, and a great one at that. I would recommend prenatal yoga to any woman out there even if you have been pregnant before and have no yoga experience, Micki will make you feel comfortable, and teach you excellent stretches and valuable relaxation, & breathing techniques. I was so satisfied with the class's that I will be doing with my next pregnancy instead of taking a birthing or Lamaze class. I did both Birthing Class and Yoga with my first and Prenatal Yoga was perfect for me! -Megan Rizzo, Palm Coast

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