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Levels of Practice

Gentle: Fun and relaxing having awareness on body and breath. This level is good for beginners.

All levels: Variations and modifications for all with emphasis on allowing you to practice at your own pace while being offered deeper postures. Safe for beginners and experienced yogins.

Challenge: A more vigorous class with deeper postures and longer holding allowing you to go deeper into your experience.   

Kripalu: A three stage practice beginning with willful practice in the body then going in deeper to will and surrender and finally allowing mind and body to become one. Emphasis is on body awareness, alignment, breath.

Guided by certified teachers, students are encouraged to practice at their own level, using variations and modifications to give postures more or less challenge. Classes often enhanced by music, rhythms and inspirational readings to promote meditative awareness.

Hatha:  Practicing a balance of challenge and ease complimenting the whole body!

YIN / YANG:   Practicing for the body as the Yin masters guide. Yin to affect the deep tissues and organs of the body then energizing muscles with steady challenging practice. Often guided as a fusion of both.

Hatha / Nidra Combo: In the beginning enjoy a slow but moving yoga, stretching and strengthening your body then in the second half of class relax into a guided Nidra for rejuvenation connecting mind, body and spirit. A perfect combination. 

LVCY (Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga):  A complete practice on the chair offering the same benefits as mat yoga but with the support of the chair. 

Nidra: An hour of guidance while in Savasana posture. One hour of Nidra equals up to four hours of restful healing sleep.

Meditation: A practice of resting the mind into a one pointed focus allowing the benefits of stress release and calming.

YIN: A slow, deeply meditative practice primarily affects the hips and spine. Longer held Yin postures combined with deep full yogic breathing may also release energy blockages in the physical and emotional bodies. Yin helps to release and lengthen the body's deep connective tissue through passive stretching into a first deep sensation then surrending. There is mostly silence while you surrender in posture. 

All levels: Suitable for all as you are guided with safety through each posture.

Postures held for 1 to 3 minutes in a gentle practice.

Challenge: More challenging postures and longer hold times (5 to 7 or more minutes). 

Anahatasana (heart melting pose)

Classes end with a minimum of a ten minute Savasana for deep connection and healing within.

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