Palm Coast, FL
YOGA  for every "Body" type and all ages. 

 Yoga  for every "BODY"

"Your transformation is in your own hands."

Padma Yoga


Yoga at its Best!

We offer traditional yoga and other holistic practices for all body types and all ages.

We at Padma Yoga believe this is your journey, not ours. We are your guides and strive to teach you how to safely enjoy each step on your journey in our beautiful intimate studio. Experience healing and peace each time you step on your mat finding your true self while your body finds it's way into postures, building strength and flexibility. In this way you will find your certain transformation in mind, body and spirit.

"May your journey in yoga and life be filled with peace and contentment".


New Classes beginning on Valentine's Day!

We area adding three new classes to Padma's regular schedule, allowing you more time choices to care for yourself through yoga!

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

4:00 to 5:30

beginning Wednesday, February 14th

Gift Certificates available online or in studio!




Give a friend the gift of Yoga!

Our 7AM for $7
will now be on 
Monday , Wednesday and Friday Only
7 - 8:15am
A walk-in class at
$7 per class
cash or check only 

(not included in any membership)
Begin your workday with calmness, clarity and balance.
 Classes will include Pranayama, a series of poses and Savasana to open the body and clear the mind enhancing the beginning of your day.


Give yourself the gift of healing with Yoga Nidra


Penny Thorne!

Certified in Yoga Nidra


6:00pm - 7:00pm

 Only $10


The premier program of Discovery Yoga in the Kripalu Tradition.


It is now included in regular membership but class size limited to 8.
(If you only want to do Sky Styx, we offer 8 classes for a membership cost of $88.)

Mat space (2) now available for the Friday Class!!
We are soon opening a second
 Sky Styx class!! Stay tuned.

Note:  We will announce when spaces become available.  To put your name on the wait list just let the office staff know when you attend your other classes.  

Proud member of  Yoga
Vets from all branches of military service receive one month “free yoga”, active or retired

Lisa is a veteran enjoying private classes at Padma!


 Reflections from a yogin  who is the daughter of two who are members at Padma Yoga.  She lives up north and recommended our studio to her parents after searching online.

"I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has helped encourage, support, and re-energize me through 100 days straight of yoga asana! These 100 days have allowed me to truly start internalizing some things I already 'knew' but never necessarily felt or embodied..."

That yoga is BREATH.  The ability to breathe through our sadness, frustration, anxiety, and allow understanding and compassion for all or our emotions, no matter how intense or illogical.

Yoga is flow.  The realization that even the strongest people have times of insecurity and weakness; that not every day will be sunshine and rainbows or warrior pose overlooking mountain vistas, and some days are hard as hell. but just as the beautuful days flow away, so do the heartbreaking. 

Yoga is flexibility.  The understanding that plans change, expectations are not reality , and we can find beauty in where we are. 

Yoga is lifestyle. It doesn't start and end on your mat but reaches to all aspects of your life.  And making something a routine isn't really as hard or daunting as it may seem when it's something that you love.

Yoga is community. Finding and giving support and energy to and from those who empower and inspire you. That there will always be people who try to steal your shine no matter how amazing your gains, and for every one of those people I am grateful to have found a dozen more who provide the opposite.

Yoga is compassion. Compassion for your crazy, for other people's crazy, for moments we aren't  proud of and mistakes we make.

And lastlyYoga is radiance.
To take this physical practice that is so cleansing, empowering , and healing and to radiate that outward to others. 

"Without that piece, yoga is meaningless, and I hope to continue to spread as much love and kindness to others as possible.  The world needs it now more that ever."

                      Jackie Baertschi